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How to produce custom-made plastic parts ?
Jul 01 , 2017

How to produce custom-made plastic parts ?

Custom-made plastic parts means make plastic parts according to customers requirements.

Two tips to do custom-made plastic parts.

1) 3D printing or CNC prototype.

    If you just need one or two pcs sample to test the quality, you can make CNC prototype, it will be 98% same as your sample or 3D drawing. because the price is too expensive, so it is not suitable for bulk production.

2) Make injection mould. 

    If you want to produce the plastic parts large quantities, make a injection mould is the first step. 

    Usually, we make a injection mould need about 5~6 weeks. after the mould finished, we will make trial sample and send to our customer, then after sample get approved by our customer, we will start to do mass production.

The injection moulds will be made according to customers design drawing and sample. after mould finished, then we can start to produce the plastic parts.

Our company also assemble for the products. more details please contact us.

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