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Plastic Injection Molding For New Designed Plastic Parts And Components

Plastic Injection Molding For New Designed Plastic Parts And Components
Nov 10 , 2020
Plastic injection molding is a manufacturing process for producing plastic parts from plastic raw materials such as ABS,PP,POM,PVC,TPU,PA66 and so on,, plastic injection molding is widely used for manufacturing industrial plastic parts, electronic plastic parts, Cosmetic plastic parts, Medical plastic parts, and so on, in other words, you can see plastic injection molded products anywhere in our daily life. Dongguan universe plastic co.,ltd is plastic injection molding manufacturer,specializes in plastic injection molding for different kinds of plastic parts and components.

About universe plastic injection molding capability.

n universe plastic factory, we mould workshop and to create new injection mold. we also have 10 sets plastic injection machines, machine size is 120ton,250ton,300ton,350ton and 400ton. So we can production any plastic products in our factory. From making mold, mass production plastic parts, assembly products, packaging and shipping, we can provide one stop service for our customers.

Strict quality control systems.

Quality is very important for a company as well as customers. We are doing long-term business, so we have strict quality control systems, from production to assembly, we are checking the quality step by step.

List of the plastic raw materials we had used for production.

ABS,Acrylic,Nylon,PEEK,Vectra,PET,ULTEM,Polystyrene,Polyurethane,Polyester,HDPE/LDPE, Polycarbonate,Polypropylene,Polybutylene ,Terephthalate ,Polystyrene (HDPS)

Our molds are made of high quality 718H,S136 stainless steel to ensure high quality products with exact dimensions and tolerances. According to customer’s order quantity, we can design mould with single cavity and multi cavities, single cavity can save some mold cost, because the price is more cheaper, multi cavity is suitable for high volume order quantity, it can save production time and guarantee the fast delivery time.

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