2018 How Many Days Holiday of Chinese Spring Festival ?
Jan 23 , 2018

Chinese new year holiday will coming soon, when the holiday starts ? 

Universe plastic will close work on 6th Feb, reopen on 25th Feb.

Most of factories in china, they all have 15~20 days holiday. so if you need place the order, please seize the time.

Chinese spring festival is traditional and most important holiday in china. we always come to our hometown, to get together with families and visit relatives during holiday.

There are so many interesting things of chinese spring festival.

When I was a child, I like spring festival too much,  because child can receive many red packets and wear new clothes, we always use the money in red packets to buy some fireworks, toys. then set off firecrackers with childhood buddy and do many funny things. although we made some mistakes,naughty and doing some stupid things, but our parents are not blame us, maybe they don't want to be angry, during spring festival, everyone's face with happiness smiles.

Spring festival means a lot for chinese family, because most of family members are working outside of hometown.  so holiday time is so precious,  we should spend more time to accompany our parents and childrens.

Spring festival also means a new year start for chinese people, let's set new goals and struggle for a better future.

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